About us


The Kleiderforum (Freiburg) in its present form was established in 1999

As a shop for fabrics, women's clothing, accessories and more.


We have long designed our own models, which were then shown and sold in the dress forum.
Since customers always asked about the patterns, we drafted the designs by hand to the appropriate size and copied them.
In 2004, the (CAD and printing) technology was finally so manageable and affordable that we could digitize and print our patterns.
And in 2005 the editing source was created as the internet platform "Schnittquelle" for the pattern section.


In the meantime, the Schnittquelle is so independent that sometimes the connection between the store and the schnittquelle online shop is no longer clear.
This is why we have decided on this joint service www.schnittquelle-blog.de


First and foremost, however, this forum serves to inform you better and faster about innovations,
and above all, to help you implement your creative sewing ideas.




Fabrics, patterns and clothing is our program.


Accordingly, our customers and occasional customers have found a hopefully convincing selection of fabrics at Schwarzwaldstraße 1 in Freiburg since 1999.Meet at sewing courses or in the open sewing workshop, look for an attractive piece from our models or choose the right one from the wide range of available patterns from "Schnittquelle".
The sewing accessories, such as buttons and closures, needle and thread, accessories, ribbons and borders,can also be found here.


We would be pleased to advise you on all these topics.
There are 2 times a year an exhibition of new fabrics and models.








Freitags von 12.00 bis 18.00 Uhr

und nach vorheriger Terminabsprache

unter 07664 4069780

oder per Mail




Unterdorf 7

79112 Freiburg-Opfingen

(durch das blaue Tor,
dann rechts neben der Wendeltreppe klingeln)


 Wir freuen und auf Sie!